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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Make-up

I added the little adult content warning...
Not that I'm gonna post something bad, it's just that sometimes I might use strong language, or in at least one creations will :D So no porn, nothing really bad.
I finally got my photos hung on the wall...I still need to go get 4 photos printed up at WalMart for those rectangle ones. And I don't think I care for the small oval ones,now either. My printer is possessed I think...keeps running out of ink, keeps saying "out of paper" or "paper jam",and now I can't print patterns or info out or scan anything ( so why is it still plugged in and sleeping on the desk????) So here's a blurry pic of my pics..sorry,but the batteries are soon as I took 3 photos.

I need to get a little more organized, that stack of storage drawers next to the dining table just isn't cutting it( HEY....we EAT on that table!!) and I can't keep dragging out every single piece of crafting material I own looking for something that I can't find only to find something I was looking for 3 days ago but can't remember what for :D I should mention the junk bedroom filled with my treasures but only another crafter would understand that, right?? There must be some saner method of keeping my things together. How does Martha do it? Oh yeah, paid assistants and an expense account :D I want those,too!

The kids have just about everything they need for Halloween tomorrow. I'm trying to recreate some blue streaks for my niece's hair. We were going to make her Bride of Frankenstein, but then I saw Crafty Chica's The Corpse Bride make-up and costume idea, and now she's going to be Emily. It's perfect!I bought the costume for that a couple years ago at a yard sale for some absurdly cheap price like a dollar. This has a really nice B-of-F wig, the white satin dress, and a veil. It was too long, so I cut about 5" off the satin skirt, and about 3 inches off the tulle underskirt. I'm about to rag it out sometime tonight to make it all dead and Night-Of-The-Living-Dead gross.Sleeveless dress, but I did have a plain simple long-sleeved white fitted tee-shirt, so I'm going to take one for the team and let her have it for this costume (I'll never be size 12 again,who am I kidding:D ) After all, costumes are just an's after dark usually, and all you have to do is look like your intended daughter tried out a little of the make-up on my niece tonight, to get that jaw bone right. Here's my niece The Corpse Bride Alisia/Emily

Why is it I just now noticed how dirty my ceiling vents are...

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