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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Nope....not talkin' about Uncle Jack or Pedro; talkin' about ME!! :D I wanna learn to solder. I wanna make those sweet little charms like Perpetualplum. Aren't they gorgeous? I so love those little bottles, and I'd probably make myself a couple dozen :D Think of all the stories you could tell by dropping a few things in a tiny bottle! And I imagine myself cutting out some tiny hearts from old broken china and soldering them and making myself a beautiful little charm bracelet with them. I'm up for it, I wanna learn. But I think I need to hurry before my eyes and hands are completely gone.....I found this blog, Crazy Art Girl's Musings and I see she ordered a soldering starter kit from Simply Swank the way is it correct blogging etiquette to post another blog on your own blog? I hope no one minds, if you do, let me know and I'll stop :D. I spend a lot of time looking through some amazing artists blogs and really enjoy all the creative ways their passion flows from their minds eye into a finished work. I have a hard time myself. I can see something, like the bottles, or cracked china, or an old piece of lace.... and collect them, thinking..oh, I can use this for SOMETHING. But I don't always know WHAT.

My youngest sister went to some yard sales and bought me a lot of goodies. Lace,buttons,vintage needles, a tiny tea set ( I collect childrens tea sets ) some cherubs, a lot of trinket boxes and figurines with flowers on them for me to "chop" up for my mosaics

that little heart with black words says Enesco and I'm going to look it up.

some old buttons and rick rack, and check out the old black hat veil.


Charmingdesigns said...

oh my, your sister found you some wonderful things!! Soldering is so fun, just be sure to burnish the foil down well and use enough flux...go for it! Laurie

Debbie P. said...

Oh how I love all the sewing notions! And you are so talented; I'm surprised you haven't dove head-first into soldering! Robojunker was doing some cool soldering. Good luck! Debbie P.

Kudzu said...

Thanks ya'll..I so want to learn this, I've spent a lot of time looking at all kinds of soldered pretties, and I'm so jealous :D