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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Visitors Map

This has been so entertaining the last few days, checking to see all the places people live that visit me:D You can tell that new blog smell hasn't worn off yet,can't ya!! And don't forget my hit counter, it's been awesome,too, I never thought this many people would notice my little rant and just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :D
I tried out Char's tutorial on $5 And Less Friday's over at The Pickled Pepper Patch. ( I love her Christmas music ) I used a Clean Linen type scent for mine, and have it on the desk. It's easy for me to remember to turn them over every once in a while with it over here, and it smells wonderful. I just got a Bed Bath & Beyond mailer and these were on sale for about $15. I couldn't find reed diffusers, so I used bamboo skewers. Here's my version. Thanks, Char!

I still plan on making the snowballs( check out her snowball tutorial,too) but after Halloween, because I didn't realize how hectic things were this time of year!

So far the 3 grankids have decided to be Belle, a pirate, and a ninja. I'd suggested to my daughter that her baby-man could be a meth lab explosion survivor, with little baby-man overalls, boots, raggedy clothes and a few sudafed boxes pinned to him. We could make some fake burns on him, maybe some of my daughters peel off facial mask...but she said no, "that would be so WRONG".. Sometimes "she don't play right". *sigh* well,ok, then, I guess he is too young :D maybe in a few years the kids will start liking gross blood-and-guts and scary costumes. This is what I miss about Halloween, my kids 2nd favorite holiday next to Christmas :D
By the way I wouldn't really dress him like that when he's only 5 years old.
He'd have to be at least 10.

Here is grandson#2 in HossFly's Elvis mask. He looks more like Richard Nixon under there!

This is grandson#2 in a scream mask and a prisoner shirt and my niece's daughter in a witch costume. I have a suitcase full of costumes all the kids play with (2 suitcases,actually)

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