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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More....Button Bracelets and Album Purses

I made more button bracelets today, I love these! I NEED more I'm gonna have to go shop for some. Check out Button Floozies, you can find a lot of button lovers there!

I also finished some album purses today, check out Culture Club...and this vintage Latin one, and I got the handles on the Bellamy Brothers one! HossFly came home and told me there was a yard sale down the road, so he took me over there. The nice lady was just unpacking boxes and wasn't ready, but she let me buy a few things. I got a scooter for the kids to play with, and a string of pearl Mardi Gras beads that has oyster shells on it. The words "Cajun Viagra" is painted on them!! It was only a quarter, and it's going in the biscuit jar I keep all my Mardi Gras stuff in.

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