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Friday, October 17, 2008

Painting Picture Frames

Not much going on today except a yard sale not far from my home. I bought a few craft supplies,and a lot of picture frames. I've already spray painted 5 of them black, have a few more to go. A lot of the frames I bought because I needed the glass. I'm pretty clumsy and this is way cheaper than going to the glass place and having another piece cut. Besides actually using them for putting pictures in them, I staple a length of lace from an old curtain in and make an earring hanger. Really cute and functional especially if you like the shabby/romantic look. I got the idea from Margo at . She has collected lots and lots of ideas for using picture frames. As a matter of fact, she's got tons of ideas for lots of projects, especially Trash To Treasure. I've made some of these as gifts and to sell, painted white, or pink, or aqua, and keep one in the bathroom for my earrings.

The stained glass lampshade in my bedroom fell off sometime in the middle of the night. How did I sleep right through it?? The center just collapsed in on itself, so now I have some stained glass pieces to play around with. Oh, it's okay, I bought it at a yard sale for $3 to break into tiny pieces for wish I knew how to solder,this would be perfect to practice with. I'm going to have to try it one of these days because there's just so many nice things to make.

That's a lot of stained glass...but I can see it on a tea set already :) I got two little cups with flowers on it, and tiny little decorated handles. They're already cracked, so I won't feel a thing when I smash them to bits for a mosaic.

I got about 5 yards of off white fabric that I think is cotton. I didn't do a "melt" test...LOL...but if it's cotton, I should be able to dye it a nice soft golden color. I want to try to make a slipcover for the LazyBoy wing chair recliner that currently has mauve butterflies and blue and red flowers, HossFly doesn't care for it at all. If I screw it up with dye, ah,well, it was only .50 cents. The toile panel I bought this summer for a quarter. It's big and wide like a king sized sheet would be. It says Italy on the label...and it's waiting for just the right project.

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