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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Wednesday In October

Ya'll must think I've painted about 200 picture frames by now.Well, it HAS been a lot, and I'm working on my second can of black paint, and I've used half a bottle of window cleaner getting the glass all nice and sparkly. What's going to be hard is deciding how to hang them up. Maybe not HOW....HossFly bought Hercules hooks...and each time we've used one so far, we hit a stud:)Oh,pleaseplease don't let him hit anymore studs... (LMAO!!!) All the grandkids just got their school pictures so that was good timing, MeMe!!!
Still no crafts, I feel lazy. This must be how a bear feels when it's about to go into hibernation!
So how about a few more weird photos???

Ok, ya know that photo of the blue hand? Well, I was trying to photograph my new floors, and this is what it should have looked like.

My bedroom..the dog is always growling at something in here.

My sister asking if anyone is here and wouldn't mind having their picture taken, come get right "here"...and this shows up...LOL

Another photo of my bedroom, we get lots of orb photos in here. It used to be my mothers room.

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