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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Frames, Grapevine Hearts, Primitive Muslin Angel

These are some of the painted picture frames I've been working on. All I have to do is wait for the rest to dry, and decide how to group them.

Last year we bought some olive-sage green cloth dinner napkins at a yard sale for maybe a dollar,and some heart-shaped grapevine swags at another yard sale, and this year I bought a plaid table runner. Since I cut the swag up to use the hearts as Christmas decorations, I had some left over, and decided to use them as napkin rings. It's a nice look I think. I placed them in an old wooden bowl on the table.

Years ago I found a how-to on this sweet little angel ornament. I love the look of it, and we still hang them on our tree. All it takes is a square of muslin torn to about 6" square, a rectangle torn about 2 1/2"x6", some heavy cotton thread( I use crochet cotton), and a cotton ball or piece of rolled up stuffing or batting.

Take the small rectangle, pinch it in the middle and tie it.

Place the cotton ball about 1/3 the way down in the center, like this. Fold it over and gather it up and tie the cotton string around it in a knot, tying the gathered wings up with it.

This is what it should look like. Now take one corner of the body section, and twist it. This is going to be the hand.

It'll be a little tricky to get it into a knot, I use tweezers or a chopstick to poke it through.

Now knot the other side.

This is what it looks like finished with no decoration. Roll a small piece of Spanish Moss (or whatever you have handy) and glue it in for a halo. I really prefer it with a painted face. Dab some blush on with a Q-tip, and use a paint pen or a toothpick dipped in paint to add eyes. You could add a small red dot for a mouth.

Leave the string on and use as a hanger.Add a tiny fabric heart to the skirt if you like. These make great tie-ons for packages,too.

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