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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday All Day Long

Hanging some photos shouldn't be so hard, but I've agonized about placement for days. Not that nailing holes into the wall bothers me, I can patch a hole easy enough. So HossFly marked the center of the big wall, and hung the first one, and that's where I started...working my way out on each side.
I just found a plastic container of cinnamon sticks I'd forgotten about and I have two large jars of cinnamon sticks I paid $1 each for at Dollar General. Time to look around for some crafts to make out of them. There's still time for Fall crafts, and not too early to think about Christmas. Some dried apple and orange slices to go with the cinnamon sticks would be perfect. Should I slice those apples the "wrong" way? Yessss....I love to see the star in the center when I do.
I've got to start writing on the blog earlier in the day....I keep waiting til the last minute and I'm almost too tired.

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