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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Silver Plated Knife Handles

I finally found my bolt cutters and got this project started. I used hollow handled silver plated knives and cut them off right below the blade. Sand the rough edges smooth. I use a coarse emery board for that. Make a hole near the top of the handle to insert a suction cup to hang it on a window or mirror if you want to use it as a small bud vase. I used my drill and a small bit for this. Or glue a pin back on it to make it a lapel pin. Both of these will hold a fresh flower in water. I inserted my needle-nosed pliers to round out the hollow after I drilled the hole. Another idea is to use it as a handle for a round ink pen.

as a handle for an ink pen

used with a suction cup to make it a bud vase for a window or mirror

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