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Monday, November 3, 2008

Comfort Food-Broke Food-Potato Soup!! and what about pot likker??

HossFly says "Ya know what I want?" which kinda scares me sometimes..but I'll play his silly game...I say"what?" and he says "potato soup.You haven't made that in a long time." Well, yeah, like 20 or 25 years! So we buy a 5 lb. bag of russets, and a 16 oz. package of smoked bacon and get home with it, when it occurs to me, duh, I forgot how to make it! All the recipes that popped up in an online search gave me recipes that called for chicken stock, or cheese, or some other thing I just KNOW is not how I used to make it. So after a lot of calls to Ohio, and a call to Delaware for good measure, and one to my niece near-by, we kinda get the idea. I had chopped up the uncooked bacon in small pieces and cooked it in a Dutch oven til it was limp, and added half a chopped onion til it was soft.( OOOoooOOOOohh you should have smelled it; I can remember watching Justin Wilson cooking and he said when they used to set up years ago, they'd fry up some bacon and onions and used a fan to blow the wonderful aroma to get the patrons to flock to their booth) Uncle Jack and Pedro thought I was home cooking for THEM! as if! Then we added the potatoes we'd peeled and chopped ahead of time(half big pieces, half small pieces) and just barely covered it with water. That's where I stalled, I couldn't remember how to finish. Finally one of my sister-in-laws tells me to add some milk and some butter. It was DELICIOUS!!!! HossFly ate and ate, so did I, grandson wasn't too hungry, but ate a little, and now I have a lot left over for a nice chilly,rainy day. Or maybe not, I'll know once I wake up tomorrow and see how much is left:D Friday HossFly stopped and bought me a mess of turnip greens. So fresh he had to wait for the guy to pull 'em up out of the ground. I cleaned them while my sister cooked the Mississippi Barbecued Chicken on the grill. But we haven't eaten them yet, I'd planned on Butterbeans for dinner tonight since it's Monday, and make a batch of sweet cornbread to go with it, but Hoss and his Potato Soup dreams......uh, is there anyone left out there that even knows what cornbread and pot likker is? Well,that's what me and twin sis will be having tomorrow. For sure. I think.
I bought 2 boxes of Golden Yellow Rit Dye to dye the 5+ yards of linen I bought at a yard sale. Not exactly the color I wanted but I thought I'd also dip it in a tea bath. Hmm,should I tea dip it before I dye it? Should I dye it yellow,then dip it in tea? I shouldn't worry too much, I've only put a grand total of $3.50 into it, and as HossFly says "Don't sweat the petty stuff" ( he also says "Pet the sweaty stuff") But I'm wanting to make a slip cover for the recliner wing chair, and didn't want it off-white. We'll see how this goes. I have to adjust the tension on my sewing machine since Grandson#2 played with it (((AaaaAAAgh!!)

playing with photoshop with last years Christmas pics



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