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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Peter Anderson Festival-Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Here's a story about a local art festival we have down here. Two days, 350 booths, and 100,000 people who attend. The Peter Anderson Art Festival.
I mentioned my stained glass lampshade I began taking it apart. I thought it was going to be much easier than it turned out to be!! I let grandson out to play for a while and I sat on the front porch keeping an eye on him. Much later, after he'd sang a few songs to the trees and tried to dig a hole to China, he said he was tired and ready to go inside...and I'd only taken about half the lamp shade apart. I'll finish tomorrow after he goes to school. There's plenty of pieces to use in mosaic. One of my silver plated tea services has been ready to mosaic for a long time now, sitting on my coffee table where the grand babies have been playing with it. I almost had a heart attack one day when I checked on it after it was played with....grandson#2 had stuffed a beanie baby type sloth in the tea pot. I wasn't expecting that and almost flung it across the room. MeMe said some "bad words" !
I got the Halloween decorations taken down,too. Much easier than putting them up!

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