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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yard Sales and Clearance Sales !!

woohooo.....what a combination! I was sure I wouldn't find anything today, since we didn't leave until almost 10am, and I didn't have much money anyway. BUT...we stopped at a church fall festival-slash-rummage sale and I got a pair of silver plated candle sticks for a quarter and a set of old glass salt and pepper shakers for a nickel....oh yeah, and a short primitive-type Christmas tree for a dollar. We passed a road with "yard sale<----" ...HossFly has SUCH a good eye! should've seen him, like a Nascar driver! I got a like new navy blue suit for a dollar, a like new gray and black dress for a dollar, a pair of silver-plated candle-sticks for .50, and a ziploc baggie of vintage pins and earrings for $5 :D HossFly said " I can't believe you paid $5 for that jewelry,that's not like you!", and I said "but DEAR...I would've paid $5 each for the suits, and $1 for the jewelry,so it works out better", besides, the jewelry was well worth $5. But the BEST another yard sale I bought 2 leaded glass windows and a stained glass window.....for $2 each!!! YayYayYay!!! and a ziploc baggie of small soup spoons, I think 12 in the bag for a purty! I was amazed at what I resisted the urge/impulse to buy, I was very good today. You know, I know there was something else, but I'll be d* if I can remember what. Whatever it was, it was an awesome deal,too.
my 2 DOLLAR stained glass window

my 2 DOLLAR EACH leaded glass windows

the rest of my goodies,not a good photo of the vintage clip on earrings, or screw-back looks like the settings have been changed on my camera. I'll need the MANUAL*eek!* to figure out how to set it right :D

I have lot of things planned with my latest goodies......I was thinking "snowman" when I got the salt and pepper shakers; paint the wood on the windows(the tall ones); and make cake stands for gifts from the candle sticks by gluing vintage plates to them, or mosaicing some plates to glue on them. Not real sure on the jewelry, but some may go on lids of tea sets I mosaic. The tree will go on the front porch decorated with something gorgeous :D
I remembered something else I bought. Two nice new linen embroidered Christmas tea towels with golden yellow bead fringe. I can see them cut in half and sewn into gift bags.
And what did I buy on clearance? Why....creme pumpkins and candy corn, of course!! I'm one of the few people on this planet who evidently really like them, and I keep my candy dishes full of them til Thanksgiving :D


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great deals. A depressed economy makes for great garage or yard sale deals. Take a look at the free online garage sales.

Good Luck

cindee said...

Wow what great deals. 2 dollars for that window? Yikes I bet you were excited!!! We hit the stores yesterday for the after Halloween sales. We got some fun stuff for next year(-:

Anonymous said...

WOWZA! I love the leaded glass windows. Very beautiful!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wow! you made out like a champ on your finds! What luck. I never find great things like that. Love the stained glass.

Kudzu said...

Thanks ya'll...I'm just so tickled! I still have to find something sturdy to hang it up on the wall with.