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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Little Tea Set Progress

I actually was productive today! And please tell me I'm not the only one who can't find anything when they need it...I have a HUGE-LY BIG-LY box of craft paints. All I needed to do was find green and mix with water to wash the tea set details with. I was throwing neatly folded piles of blankets, boxes of baskets, and stuff you normally have packed in a room you use for storage. In a box of old silver plate specimens waiting for dissection in my laboratory, I found a large bottle of white paint. I think "yeah, that's good, I'm gonna need white to lighten up the green", but there was no green. Or red or blue....What does a compulsive crafter do when this happens? She thinks on her feet and heads to the kitchen and grabs the food coloring. I open the box and all I can see is three bottles of dye. Yellow, blue..d* it, I can mix those two together if I have to.. ..but then.....whew....GREEN! Yep, I used it, it worked perfectly fine and after all that trouble I got the white tea set washed in seafoam green :D Oh,goodness, can you see the light green on there??

And I spray painted these silver plated candle sticks yesterday. It's for one of my silver plated round trays, or pretty plates...oh, heck, it might even hold a birdhouse! It all depends on when I actually get around to making something. I forgot to take a photo of three plates Twin got me at a thrift store. They each have a beautiful bouquet in the center, and all around the rims are single roses. I can't wait to smash them to pieces parts :D I also looked in my stash of "things that have roses on them" and chose a figurine with a large full pink rose, and two pink rose buds; and a porcelain basket full of something like bluebonnets. I've been making my matching creamers with a bundle of potpourri in them, tied with a nice ribbon. But maybe I can come up with something better.

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