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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making A Ball Out of Old Cards

I found this last night when looking for ways to recycle old cards.... Making a ball out of old cards at I should have been more specific in my I was looking for what to do with all these decks of playing cards my sister brought to me! This project idea popped up, and I thought "wow, just make this from those cards!". Well, I made the templates and chose the face cards from the deck along with a few diamonds and hearts, and cut the circles out with pinking shears. But once I took a second look, I decided to use the golden yellow backs of the deck. I have to be honest here, I was sloppy in cutting the circles after I carefully drew them out with the template. And I was sloppy folding the circles...all this made for a lop-sided ball! It was harder to make the smaller circles fold like I wanted them to with the playing cards. I think because they were pretty stiff. But I got the hang of it. This is easy enough for an older child, I really would recomment the paper clips to hold them til they dry. I couldn't find paper clips but I did have plenty of bobby pins :D and they worked great. So with all the cards I have, I think I'm going to make 3 more nice and neat ones to hang from the ceiling over the coffee table for Christmas.

A deck discarded from Imperial Palace casino

The card ball put together. I used a piece of cotton crochet thread to hang it, only because I found it before I found the fishing line :D I'm lazy like that! The new ones will have fishing line and be much much neater!!


Sunday Girl said...

I've made these before using old Christmas cards. They're kinda neat actually.

Kudzu said...

It's really not as hard as it looks, either :D I found an angel made from recycled cards I'd like to try. I'll post it when I do.