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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Beaded Ornament Hangers

I tried a different way of making these, and I think they look nicer like this. You'll need wire (HossFly bought me a 10 yard spool of 20 gauge for about $3) and some beads. I paid $2 for a 9' string of beaded garland, that's a lot of beads for a nice price, that you'd be able to make quite a few hangers from. I know I've made probably 25 hangers and still have a bowl full of beads left over. Choose the colors you like best. Mine had burgandy,gold,pearl and crystal. I made three different combinations of beads for mine. You'll also need some small pliers/wire cutters, some glue, and a small pencil or paint brush handle to wrap your top section of wire around, and a marker or larger paint brush handle to wrap the bottom section of wire around. Cut a piece of wire about 5" long, and wrap all the way around the small brush handle. Pull it off and make a small loop on the end with your pliers. String on your beads, and wrap the bottom section of wire around your larger paint brush handle. Loop the end with your pliers. Place a small amount of glue on the wire where you want your beads to stay. That's it! It really is easy and simply beautiful. This would be a good craft for children if there is an adult around to help, older children would be able to make these on their own, and what a great gift for them to make for some one!


shysue said...

Love those! Thanks for showing them.

Kudzu said...

Thanks so much, Sue :D These are so pretty, and I can't wait to get my tree up so I can use them.

Janet, said...

I love these. They would be very pretty to hang my home made ornaments on. I think I'll give them a try. Thanks for sharing.