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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Thanks Giving Is On It's Way! And Beaded Ornament Hangers

I'm sorry I didn't get it mailed yesterday, I couldn't stay awake for too long, and slept half the day away! AND THEN...after I taped the box shut, of course....I realized it was an APOFPO only box, LOLLLL....but all is well, and I got the right box and re-packed it and even managed to get to the PO before noon :D
I stopped at a dollar store and bought one of those 9' tree bead garlands for $2. It has pretty beads in burgandy, gold, and crystal look. Just what I've been looking for, and cheaper than buying some bags of beads in each of those colors and sizes. I've been trying to figure out the cutest way to make ornament hangers for my tree. There are so many ways to make them out there on the internet! soon as I got home I cut the garland and filled a bowl with the lovely beads. I'm going to try to work on those, but I still feel tired and worn out. Can't shake this cough, now my ribs ache from it, and cough medication makes me so sleepy.

I did it! I made some ornament hangers. I hope you can see how I made them. I curled them around a marker. This is 20gauge gold floral wire HossFly ran out and bought for me, because I use a lot of gold, and these colors, on the Christmas tree. Use silver if that's your color, and I believe you can get wire in all colors these days! Cut a piece about 4"-6" long with your pliers. I'm hoping to perfect my curling skills :D Anyway,this is pretty jewelry for your tree, you can make a LOT of these with a spool of wire. As I mentioned earlier, I used beads from a dollar store 9' beaded garland.


Amber said...

Wow! Those are so pretty!!! TFS!

Sunday Girl said...

I really like these. I love little ornaments that are shiny and glittery and give just the right amount of sparkle when the lights hit them. These look perfect.

Kudzu said...

Thanks Ya'll! I had a lot of fun making these, they are SO easy, and inexpensive, to make!