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Friday, November 14, 2008

Quilt Scrap Christmas Trees

I've been making this for the last couple days. Not that they took a lot of time to make, but I've been sick with bronchitis and laryngitis AGAIN. Too much mold and mildew and a couple dogs, a lot of weeds and trees....inside,outside, I don't think it matters anymore where I go. There's a lot of formaldehyde in the air and 3 years of rebuilding. So many fumes from every aspect of trying to get the Coast back in shape......paint,lumber,insulation,concrete,asphalt, who knows what else. How long can the doctors call it "the Katrina Krud" ??
But I was gonna tell ya about these Christmas trees...don't get all excited, I didn't cut up a perfectly good quilt! youngest sister bought them at a yard sale for me. I still have lots of them left that I'd love to make into angels. She also bought me a bag of mostly vintage goodies that included all this old rick rack. I used some embroidery thread to fasten to buttons on with. What do they need on top of the tree? Some kind of sewing thing....what most resembles a star? A star button...hmm, I have star beads....I dunno, I have to look at it for a while, unless someone gives me a good idea!

aren't they cute? I saved a lot of old buttons and wooden spools.

I love the non-Christmas colors !


Linda's Blue Gate said...

I just love your christmas trees.... I have done very much like that but in very small clay pot ... but I like yours so much better in the spools... so cute...

Kudzu said...

Thank You so much, Linda :D Don't tell, but the winner of the Thanks Giving will get one of these!