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Friday, November 14, 2008

How To Wrap Gifts And Make Bows; Gift Box Templates

I've been looking at a lot of sites with some ingenious ways to wrap gifts. As crafters, we make a lot of gifts,and we like our packages to look as great as the gift inside. It's not just for Christmas or Birthdays or Anniversaries; how about those wreaths you make for your wall or your front door? Every time I need a bow I have to go looking for illustrations...I need a step-by-step tell-me-how guide! If there's not a Gift Wrapping For Dummies book, there should be. I'd buy it! I know first hand that how your gift is wrapped is very important. My mother used to hand us gifts wrapped in crumpled up old brown bags. I know it should be the thought that counts...but let me tell you, I can't remember a single gift that was ever in one of those torn,wrinkled old grocery bags, all I remember is the wadded up paper bag! LOL
Here's what I've found, just right for those of us who have a fear of gift wrapping! And I, for one, am Pro-Gift Bag. Always keep different sized bags on hand with some colored and white tissue paper for those Christmas presents you stuck in your panties drawer in July and forgot about!

Let's start with some videos. There are a lot of videos here about how to make the bow, and how to wrap different shapes, even how to Prank Wrap a gift! Now this one has illustrations for making bows, even ribbon roses! And I do love those, they were easy to make :D What if you're running out of paper and it's Christmas Eve?? Here is how to wrap with leftover papers, what a great way to recycle! Want to recycle more? How about making your own gift boxes from card board cereal boxes? Check out these templates for making your own unique boxes!

Need a gift for a young girl? No money, but you have ink in the printer and some paper? Paper dolls! I LOVED these a child! I spent HOURS drawing her own clothes and coloring them. This is a MOST AWESOME site. Lots if ideas and things to print out. Want to make the fairy jar out of your childrens/grandchildrens photos? There are some fabulous wings here! And a Victorian Christmas village! A Victorian Circus!

Here is a site that has everything! Fantastic templates ...I especially love the little purse gift box. It's called Mirkwood Designs, check it out!!! You'll find CD boxes, cake boxes, a fan template.....Such a generous soul to offer these patterns! Thank you so much :D

Now go pull those paper bags out from under the bed or the top of the closet.....and wrap those gifts up in gorgeous gift boxes with perfect bows!

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