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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mini Reindeer And A Sneak Peek At The Give Away!

Cut yourself some green twigs with your pruning shears. You'll need about 3-4" for the body; about 1" for the head; small twigs for the 4 legs-about 3"; a shorter twig for the neck, maybe half an inch, and a couple twigs for antlers. I used two different sizes of drill bits, small to make holes for the antlers, and a little bit larger for the legs and neck. It's easier to drill into the green wood, than dried wood. I tried drier twigs, and they just crumbled. For these I cut enough for Daddy,Mama and Baby Deer. We had a discussion about whether the doe had antlers. HossFly said they don't. I say they do..sometimes they do anyway! So...I looked it up and...I WIN :P"""Heck,they walk around the front and back yard, so I've gotten really good looks at them all my life! And he's a Yankee City Boy there! If you want your Mama Deer to have antlers, you go right on ahead and do it :D

Cut your pieces out like this. Drill holes for legs,antlers,neck, and glue them on.

All finished! I pulled a couple branches off one of our fake trees to make wreaths for their necks. I should add some GLITTER (haha! I will!) maybe something red? Hmmm....Let's think on this and see what we come up with later.

Sneak Peek at the Bits&Pieces Thanks Giving Jar!
Just a sample of what's going in the box....there's still a few days to enter...go to the Thanks Giving Give Away Post and leave a comment!


Sunday Girl said...

Tag you're it.

Visit The Crafty Corner and read my post about being tagged for instructions on what you need to do.

Sunday Girl said...

Sorry for the tag. I just want to say thank you for sharing all your wonderful crafts with us. You are very talented and I look forward to reading your blog and seeing your pictures for the next special little thing you are doing. Thanks for following.