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Friday, November 21, 2008

Rusty Bedsprings

Do you have any of those rusty coils? I've been seeing things made out of these for years, and I knew I had some out in the woods. I finally got up the courage( because I had a dog by my side! it sure helps,lol!) grabbed my handy dandy bolt cutters, and went out there and cut some out. I was gonna use wooden beads, but I don't know where I put those this week, so I made do with some styrofoam balls. I decided to cover it with papier mache , and made some with glue and water and newspaper bits. Also because I didn't know what else to use, I made little carrot noses out of it,too. After they dried I painted them white. I made 3, and let my grandson use 2. He wanted to make a brother and sister...isn't that sweet?? We took the carrot noses and used an orange marker on them, they actually came out great! He used baby socks for little hats on his snow people, and since he wanted them to have earmuffs, he used pom poms for that, and added pom poms to the top of the hat. We added buttons down the front of the springs for decoration, and dabbed a little white paint on the coils. The scarves are made from pieces of neckties. You see how neatly the eyes and mouths came out? We cheated, and used my black glass headed straight pins for those!
About that rusty metal tree topper........ok, I cheated on that,'s poster board cut into the shape of a heart :D Add a little red oxide spray primer, and sprinkle on some cinnamon,spray some more,sprinkle more cinnamon... and you have instant rusty tin. I made 2 of them and glued them together, except for leaving a small opening to set it on the rusty bedspring. It looks pretty cool, pretty authentic!

Aiden's Snow Family

My Snow Man

Faux Rusty Tree Topper


MySweetThree said...

I have never seen those coil crafts before, how neat...they are wonderful! And I will have to try those handprint crafts with my kids! They will love it! =)

Sunday Girl said...

You are so very talented Kudzu. I love these! I will never look at bedsprings the same way again.

Kudzu said...

Thanks Ya'll! I bet those old bed springs have been out in the woods as long as I've been here...50 years! LOL could tell by the size of the trees! I'm going to look around the 'net for more ideas.

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