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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Santa Cinnamon Swizzle Stick

I love these! They're from by Shelley Kotulka .I'm going to give as gifts with cocoa and coffee. I had all the supplies on hand, so I made these this morning. It only took a little while, most of the time was waiting for paint to dry :D Seems like a very nice present for children to give grandma or teacher, especially if you use paint pens like I did. Except for the pink face, I mixed red and white together for that and brushed it on. If you have a child making them, I'd let them dip their thumb in the pink or flesh color, and press into the cinnamon stick for the face. That's about the size I wound up using. The bright pink mouth is a permanent marker. If you had a green paint pen, try painting on some holly on Santa's white hat trim :D I'm not planning on mine being ornaments, but if you want to hang them, glue fishing line or ribbon to the back.

paint an oval for a face, and paint the top part red for Santa's cap.

paint tip of Santa's cap with white paint. Paint white trim on bottom of Santa's cap. Paint white beard and back of Santa's hair, and moustache. When dry,dot on black eyes and a mouth, and a red nose. I used a pink permanent marker for the mouth on mine.

Last night I made another batch of the cosmetic rounds with the aging method. They came out a nice golden brown color, and smelled great. Well, this morning HossFly is feeding Uncle Jack some bacon treats, and after Jack ate the last one, he came over to me. Silly me, I thought he wanted me to pet on him, so that's what I was doing, but he kept giving me a little bark and shaking my hand off his head. Finally I turned my full attention to him, which made him smile...and look straight at that plate I'd set the dried grungy snowmen on. Hmm, did he want me to pet the back of his head? Ok, I can do that. I pet the back of his stinky head, but he shakes my hand off again, took a couple steps away from me and sat back down....and looks at the plate of snowmen. OMG, I figure out what he wants.....those COOKIES I made...for HIM...who else would I be making cookies for? Ya know, he still doesn't believe Mama had NO cookies. It was the saddest, most pitiful thing I'd seen old boy do in a long time. We gave him more bacon treats, and he ate them, but he still wanted those golden round "cookies"! Yeah, I put them up where he couldn't see them anymore :D

It DOES look like a sugar cookie :D


Cindy said...

I saw these over on allfreecrafts, but i love hou you used pickled pepper patches grunging on this!! I totally love this look -- guess this cold/flu overtook my imagination when I saw them white and didn't like them as well!! LOL!

Kudzu said...

Thank you Cindy :D It's a great little craft to make into a style you like best. I'm still trying different things out on beads for the mouth and eyes, things like that, and it's been a lot of fun!