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Saturday, November 29, 2008

There's A Snake In My House

Yesterday morning my grandson tells his Mom (calmly) that "there's a snake on the floor and I can't get out of bed" and she says "no, there isn't stop saying that"...until she finally went and had a look. Oh, yeah, it WAS a snake. A snake that was just laying there, a couple feet from the bed, just as pretty as you please. Once she started yelling "oh my GOD!" the two dogs took off to save them and the snake slowly turned it's head to look at the dogs and crawled behind the entertainment center....never to be found. A friend of my sons came by and tried to find it, but said it was gone. My daughter put my grandson in the bed last night, but he woke up screaming from a nightmare about it at 1:30am this morning, and I put him in bed with me. Poor baby. We set out some of those huge glue traps you use for rats yesterday, it says it will catch snakes,too. Well, we didn't catch him last night. We even thought about going to the pet store to buy mice for the traps....I'm sure that's why the snake is inside, he's looking for the mice and rats. That's what they do,they're rat snakes.
So today, it's storming and rainy, and both of us, Grandson and I, are in our comfy pajamas home alone. I carried a dining chair over by the sofa and loveseat, moved all the glass off the coffee table, and gave him a flashlight and a sheet to build a fort. He's in there with Teddy and a book, trying to read a story to Teddy(he's 5, and in kindergarten, just learning) . I hope it keeps his mind off the snake.

You know, this isn't the first run-in we've had with snakes. We live on the river in the middle of nowhere, and there are fields of hay all around us. Every time they mow hay, we get a lot of mice. If I told you all my snake stories, none of you would be able to sleep nights :D

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