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Friday, November 28, 2008

Handprint Mitten craft and Handprint Santa craft

Easy easy.....everything's good, just quickly wash their hands! lol, yeah, I have some bright green paint on my recliner :D
This was quick. I usually use styrofoam plates, this time I had a clear plastic lid from a disposable lasagna pan. Real handy, deep ,and I could throw it away.
For the mitten deciding the colors is the hard part. I let my grandson make a green handprint on red paper( oh, we used construction paper) Then I cut it out in a free-hand mitten shape and let him glue it to yellow, and free-hand cut a cuff from blue for the mitten. We folded the yellow sheet in half to make it into a card for his Daddy in Iraq, so he wrote his name and 2008 on the cuff.

For the Santa, he made a white handprint on blue paper, and I cut a free-hand red cap, and tore a cotton ball into pieces. A small piece for the tip of the cap, and stretched a longer piece for the edge of the cap. He used paint pens for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Here's the link for these crafts.....

Handprint Mitten
Santa Handprint

I just noticed this morning(Saturday) that I forgot to post the handprint crafts he made. Here they are now :D


misselaineous said...

Mornin'...the santa mittens are sweet, but to comment on your previous post...your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a fabulous assortment of patterns & wonderful colors & the magazine who never published any of your work...razberries to them! Your work is wonderful, and I'm sure the recipients of your handwork will always appreciate them! Happy Saturday! *elaine*

Kudzu said...

Thank you so much,Elaine! I loved quilting from the minute I took it up. And I loved buying fabrics. I had plans for making all kinds of quilts, but time slipped by! I may one day take machine piecing back up, using the rotary cutter. But if I needed to really see what I was doing, or hold onto it, I can't :D Just between you and me, it was Quilt magazine...and I got lots of inspiration from the magazine, and learned quite a bit about quilts. They just didn't need my work AT THAT TIME :D lol So thank you thank you. Oh, some one once looked at my quilts, and barely touched them except between her finger and thumb, and called them "nice mattress pads"....oh my!