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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Button Snowman Pin

I know he looks a littttttle grubby, and I promise that yours will come out much better.....if you don't have any distractions or make the mistake of using buttons the size of a flea like I did! What was I thinking? Sure,it looked cute laid out there on the table, two little white 2-hole buttons arranged to look like a snowman. But after the glue dried, and I attempted to fashion a top hat from fun foam and tie floss on the hat and it's neck, it wasn't fun anymore :D I suggest using buttons about 1". Other than's easy, and kids can make these (with the larger buttons,of course!)
You know what would be cute? Sewing them to a metal hair clip for a little girl. I'll have to try that!

It's been a long day, HossFly made the ham rolls, banana split pie and cherry cheese pie. We forgot to boil some eggs for deviled eggs, and I forgot to bake cornbread for Amy's dressing recipe I'm gonna try to make for the first time. If you never had ham rolls, you should give it a try sometime. We make them for the holidays and Super Bowl :D... I think I found the recipe on the Kraft site for cream cheese.

Ham Rolls(spirals)

8 oz. softened cream cheese ( I zap it in the microwave for about 10 or 15 seconds to soften it
1 lb. sliced ham
green onions, sliced

You need to pat dry the ham slices with paper towels( hard work, but so worth it) and spread a very thin layer of cream cheese on the ham slice. Place green onions at one short end, and roll up. Chill them, and then when they firm up, slice them into bite-sized pieces. We use 2 to 2 1/2 lbs of ham slices, and still run out of these. Really great with deviled eggs!

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