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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll!

Has anyone ever seen the movie "Home For The Holidays", with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey, Jr. ? That movie is hilarious, and the first time we saw it, it became one of our Thanksgiving traditions. Each time we used to watch it, we'd try to figure out which relative matched what character in the movie. Of course HossFly was Tubby, and I was Adele, but we couldn't decide which character Donivan and Celeste were. We'd change our minds each year. Sometimes Celeste was more like Claudia, and Donivan was more like Tommy......the scene where Tommy tells Claudia to get back in the car but every time she reaches for the door handle, Tommy drives off. Except... it's the hemicuda from Phantasm like the kids always dreamed of owning one day! Oh and I can just picture them telling each other they're a "product of baboon lovin' "!
It isn't the same anymore now that Donivan is gone(10 years after this photo was taken) , but we still watch the movie. In fact, last year HossFly and I drove around for half a day looking for a DVD of it when our tape began to drag. We finally had to come home and order it online.
My daughter still pulls my hair and says "your roots are showing,Claudia".
One of these years that turkey is bound to wind up on top of someone's head, I just know it, and if HossFly builds me a little secret room/pantry in the kitchen to hide in, it'll all be okay.

Products of Baboon Lovin'
Thanksgiving Day 1995



Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Kudzu...enjoy your movie...and maybe find a place for me in there! Judy

Kudzu said...

LOL.....Thank you, we will (a few times!)
Here's hoping no one spot welds the turkey!

MySweetThree said...

I Love that movie!! Happy Thanksgiving!