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Monday, November 24, 2008

Making Faux Rusty Tin

These shapes were drawn onto cardboard from my Grandson's Capri Sun box. I traced around a star cookie cutter and a gingerbread man cookie cutter. I free-handed a crow. Use a can of red oxide primer to spray the cardboard, then immediately sprinkle with cinnamon. I like to spray a second coat of the red primer, and sprinkle a second coat of cinnamon. Shake off the excess cinnamon and you're done :D This was easy peasy and very fast, and it smells good,too!

Here they are drying. I haven't decided how to finish them off. A piece of jute? A piece of rusty wire? OH! I almost forgot..the crow has a whole clove glued on for his eye. I was gonna make some floral wire and a jingle bell rusty, and hang it around the crow's neck,but I can't find the bells right this second.....and now it's raining so hard! And I also forgot, at the last minute I decided to cut out a wing for the crow :D

I set the crow on an old bedspring, then on top of my paperback pumpkin. Gosh, I really could've made a better pumpkin shape! :D