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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Was Great!

But have you wondered how much the cost of The Twelve Days of Christmas has gone up? This years price is
a partridge-$20-up from last years $15
a pear tree-$200-up from last years $150
two turtle doves-$55-last years cost-$40
three french hens-$30-last years cost $45
four calling birds-$60-last year $60
five golden rings-$350-last year $395
six geese-a-laying-$240-last year $360
seven swans-a-swimming-$5600-last year-$4200
eight maids-a-milking-$52-last year-$47
nine ladies dancing-$4759-last year-$4759
ten lords-a-leaping-$4414-last year-$4285
eleven pipers piping-$2285-last year-$2213
twelve drummers drumming-$2475-last year-$2398

Total cost of twelve days of Christmas in 2008?


Up 10.9 percent from last year's cost of $78,100!
Youngest grandson set out a plate of cookies for Santa, and wrote a cute note "Dear Santa Claus, These are for you.I love you. Aiden" then he runs to bed, and falls asleep. Well, I'm sitting at the computer, checking out blogs(LOL) and I keep seeing something out of the corner of my eye over on my left. But every time I look that way, I don't see anything! I thought maybe it was a moth flying around the tree lights. This happens 3 or 4 times before I see Uncle Jack's head disappear behind the coffee table!! He was doing that belly crawl thing, like a soldier,sneaking those cookies off the plate for Santa! He wasn't sorry though. Maybe he was, but just because he got caught! He's been doing weird little things lately. I wonder if it's because he's getting older.
As I opened a gift from my daughter, my grandson comes to stand beside me to see what it is, and he thinks it's a gift from PawPaw. When I open the box, and he sees a sparkly jewel covered heart necklace...he leans in to whisper to me " I think PawPaw went to Jarrod's!" LOLLLLL, oh that cracked us up :D Then later, after his cousins(my two other wonderful grandchildren!) come to play, and the boys(both age 5) have light sabers outside dueling, I see younger one hit older one, and I yell to play nice. My granddaughter is fussing that the youngest boy hit the oldest boy, and I can see and hear youngest pat her on the back and say "it's ok, chicks dig scars". Back to dueling they went. So, this little monkey IS listening! My usual response to him falling down(after I make sure there are no bones prodruding, and no blood gushing) is "bones heal, and chicks dig scars".(this is from some movie Keanu Reeves played in, a football movie, but that's all I remember :) Maybe I should come up with a better response? Ah, this one's fine! We'll leave it at that! LOL. The day was very warm and muggy,and for most of the time we had both french doors open and the front door, but it was too hot, and we had to have the a/c. I'd gotten a beautiful golden short sleeved sweater and black slacks for Christmas, and I wanted to wear it so bad! LOL, was too hot and scratchy. My son's widow and his two children, my daughter and her son, all sat down to dinner with me and HossFly. It was great :D Then they ran back out with the light sabers, those must have been their favorite gifts! Granddaughter especially loved the purse my daughter gave her. Her birthday was December 17th, so she's 8 years old now, and I bought her make-up. Yep, she IS too young for make-up. I told her it was for practicing using make-up, at home. They do wear make-up in ballet, though, so she can practice for that,too. She loved it, and mostly she loved the aqua green pearly nail polish, LOL.
I'm still enjoying my tree, after all it's only the 3rd day of Christmas! It's still muggy warm and humid. It's raining, I'm in my pajamas watching Sci-Fi in the bedroom all day, with grandson in his pajamas playing his DS next to me. Hoss is watching Football. It's just been a nice,lazy day :D


Amber said...

So glad to know that you had a great Christmas!!

I never knew the cost of the 12 days, interesting!! TFS!

Kudzu said...

LOL...I've been checking this for years, since I saw it in a magazine. Wow has the price gone up!