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Friday, December 19, 2008

Crafting With Vintage Maps

For some time now, I've wanted to make a wreath from rolled up cones made from vintage maps. I was inspired by Margo at Margo's Junkin' Journal. It's on her site, made one from pages in a hymnal. I really loved the look of the old music, but I never found any hymnals ( I bet I do now that I've made this one!!) Each of us kids had a hymnal with our name in it as a gift to the church. I thought I'd seen a few of them around here, but I may have been thinking of something else :D I'm not sure who will get this wreath, or who might want it, but I did make it as a gift for one of my siblings,LOL. I really like it on my own wall, so I may have to make more. I'm wondering if it looks finished, if something seems to be missing??

Here it is, maybe I'll trim the center to a more even shape. Margo suggested cutting a cardboard circle, so that's how I began this project. I used a dessert saucer for the larger circle, and a bowl for the smaller circle. I cut through it to get the center cut out, and then taped it back together. That's where I used a piece of twisted wire as a hanger. At first, I was gluing the cones on, but that didn't work well because it didn't dry fast enough! So I dug around til I found my glue gun, and used it. I decided to work in fourths, so I glued one each at 12,3,6 and 9, if you were looking at a clock. Then I put one in the center of those, around and around til it filled out.

I've spent the last two days creating some pretty and fluffy bows. Those are fun to make, and I believe in wrapping a pretty package is important! might have something to do with a gift wrapped inside a Playtex tampon box when I was a little kid :D You remember what they used to look like...pale blue, white dotted print all over.....


Anonymous said...

I like your wreath, and I can also see it used on a table as part of a centerpiece--maybe with a candle inside a glass holder. You could use scrapbooking papers and have all kinds of patterns to work with too. TFS Kay aka Luvs

Kudzu said...

That's a great idea! I've seen some beautiful papers lately. And the scrapbooking papers sometimes come with double-sided designs, this would be a lot better. I kept trying to make mine more narrow so the inside (plain white) wouldn't be seen. I've made 3 wreaths so far,because I decided to keep one for myself! LOL
Thanks Kay!

Margo said...

This is a great twist on the project I had. May I use it as a future project of the week? email me and LMK
Have a great Christmas.

Kudzu said...

Absolutely!...I got the idea from you :D You have a great site and blog,with lots of ideas, and you give me such inspiration!

Anonymous said...
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