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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees 2008

I redecorated the Sewing Themed tree because we didn't get the lights on it first. Here it is, I used green ornament hangers to make wooden thread spool ornaments, with buttons. Rick rack garland, and grandsons candy canes, and to top it off, a star made from an old measuring tape. And I wrapped some tea- stained eyelet around the trunk. That snowman music box next to the Sewing Tree is a gift from my youngest sister last year. My grandson is decorating my teeny little tree now, so maybe a photo of that later. He brought home a gingerbread house he made at school, I'd love to set it out for decoration, but...dogs, dog hair, dog slobber.....

Uh....If you notice any dogs, dog hair, dog slobber or any other mess, I'm sorry :D always looks like that ! I will never be called Suzy Homemaker :D

The boys ( Uncle Jack and Uncle Pedro, the dogs) have already knocked a few ornaments off the tree, before I even got a picture taken of it.

Sewing Tree

Living Room Tree

I turned the lights off for a better look....LOL!! When little people call you MeMe or Memaw or Granny, you don't tell them they can't put all the ornaments in the same tell them "oh, that's SO PURTY!" tree is SO PURTY!!! We only broke one ornament :D The young'ins only managed to open one gift, but I was quick and got it away from them before they got to see what was under the torn paper :D


misselaineous said...

Morning Kudzu! Love your sewing tree! Too late to "borrow" your idea for this year...I hear the sleighbells already...but next year I gotta have a sewing tree! Merry Christmas *elaine*

Kudzu said...

Thanks Elaine! The kids love to keep adding and removing that rick rack :D I finally set it up on top of the desk. The tape measure was too small for the whole star, but you could use two tapes, or just cut each in 15" pieces like I did, it makes it looks kind of like a 4-patch star quilt pattern.