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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visiting Artist Jan !

Fellow Garden Web member Jan has made some beaded candy canes she saw in a Better Homes & Gardens December '08 issue :D
These are so cute and look so pretty and sparkly on the tree!

Hi Cherry, I told lady getting glue gun for her 17 yr old relative about this glue holder & it made things so much easier for me,it doesn't end up on floor or getting glue on something I don't want. The candy cane ornaments are ones I said were easy enough for your grandson to do most of work. Just cut 10 in wire & fold in center & put purple "e" beads on 1 side as it pic. then make small loop at top of filled side & put silver ones on other side, when it is full up to about last 3/4 in time for adult to finish. take the straight wire & undo loop,take needlenose pliers & twist ends & make small loop in end this is where the bent part of cane will be. gently twist the cane until it is spirialed & bend over into candy cane shape. All there is to it! For tiny trees take 6 in. piece 28 gauge wire & do same thing. Use seed beads on these. If you don't have beads go to thrift shop & find old fancy xmas sweaters & cut them off of them. Can use tiny fake pearls also. Anyway thought it might help the lad & your grandson also!! Jan

Here is the Candy Cane :D

Here is the glue gun holder :D

1 comment:

Amber said...

Very nice!! I like the idea of using different colors than red and white!