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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm So Off Track

Grandson #2 and his Mama live with us, so I get to spend a lot of time with him. I'd called my daughter-in-law the other day( that's Grandaughter and Grandson #1), and asked if they would come over and help decorate the tree, and I'd make some turkey noodle soup for them for dinner, and after, we could make a few crafts. Well, GS#2, Twin, and two of Twins Grands and her oldest son and I, all went for an adventure out into the woods looking for pine cones. We walked to the East near the river, no pine cones. So we walked South, and still nothing. We probably walked about 7 acres without finding any good pine cones. Just old rotting ones, and some squirrel cobs. (squirrel cobs are what's left of a pine cone after a squirrel has chewed the thing to a nub :D LOL) Maybe it's going to be a really cold winter, and the squirrels took all the pine cones? Looked like plenty of mast out there...I just don't know. Oh, so back to my story.....the kids want to keep walking, but I remind them that as far as we walk, that's how far we have to walk back! Halfway back home, GS#2 says he's tired. This is not something you ever hear him say...he's always bouncing off the walls. By the time we walked up the back deck to the French Doors, he says he has a headache. And then by the time I get his jacket and hat off, he's crying a little. I ask him if he wants to take a bubble bath, it might make him feel better, and he says okay, if he can have "Man Soap" bubble bath ( that's his PawPaw's Irish Spring body wash, LOL). By that time, he's burning up with a fever, and his ears and cheeks are bright red, and when he sat in the water, he begins shaking and really and truly crying. OMG, this is the fastest I've ever seen a young'in get sick before! He didn't want to hold his head up, he said his head was too heavy and his head hurt so much and his eyes hurt, but he can barely tell me this. I wrap him up in a towel and get PawPaw to help bundle him up in jammies, and he wants ice water now because he says his tongue is too hot..he never wants water, you have to make him drink it. So I give him some children's Motrin. He begins to feel a little better, but his eyes are all red and bloodshot, and he wants to lay in my bed and watch TV in my room. I keep checking on him, and finally he says he wants me to lay down and watch Christmas cartoons with him. Right after I lay down with him he falls asleep. And then he starts crying in his sleep and his fever jumps up. I come in the living room to get the thermometer, and run back to my bedroom, and the poor baby has thrown up all over himself in his sleep! Back into the tub, and he isn't really waking up, he's just crying and crying, so we call his Mama to come home from work. Off to the ER they go til 3am. My poor baby has dual inner ear infections, a sinus infection and a lower respiratory infection! When he woke up this morning, he felt somewhat better, and told me they were mean to him at the hospital, and I ask what happened,BabyMan? he says they stuck him with a needle that had an eraser on the end( this is when they took some tubes of blood) and they stuck a needle in his arm to keep it in there(they gave him an IV, he threw up so much by then, they had to give him something to stop it, and he was dehydrated) and he says MeMe, they were like vampires, and they kept taking all my blood and I told them Stop, you're going to kill me! OMG, I almost cried! However he was impressed with the huge bandage they put on his arm, and tried to take it off, but it was taped really good! They gave him potassium, and several other medications, including anti-biotics and anti-nausea medication. He's been awake since about 7am, and just fell asleep on the sofa about an hour ago. His fever jumped up, but now he's cool and sleeping fine. I slept half the day myself, and I'm still tired. So, my other babies didn't get to come over, and my tree has all the lights working, but no ornaments, LOL!! I'll still wait for all my babies to come help decorate it later this week :D

I was lucky I managed to make a huge pot of turkey noodle soup, and some turkey pot pie. I still have tons of turkey in the fridge's freezer. The baby hasn't eaten a thing all day, but that's okay, he's on a liquid diet anyway. If he wakes up he might want the soup.

I picked up a piece of metal window screen in Twin's yard, thinking of making screen ornaments. I painted styrofoam balls white and sprinkled with glitter, so the kids can make snowman bottles when we get the chance. I'd planned on making some button ornaments for my little Charlie Brown looking Sewing tree :D but I didn't get to that. I did get to make some Coke bottle snowmen with the grandson and Twin's grands. You know those round Coke bottles they have that look like ornaments.......I could've done a better job, but they loved them. They used the shiny hard candy wrappers, some feathers, glitter, and wire garland, and tulle inside the bottles. I cut out black construction paper top hats, but my great-niece wanted a girl snow lady, so we tied a ribbon on top of it. It was the hats I didn't like. If I'd had more styrofoam balls, they would look better, like the glass bottle snowmen.


MySweetThree said...

Oh wow...I do hope your grandbaby is feeling better..what a day, huh?

Kudzu said...

Thanks! He feels a lot better, and went to school yesterday. When my daughter went to pick him up after school, she found out he had worn his hospital bracelet to school to show his friends, LOLLLLLLL!!

Anonymous said...
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