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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm So Mad!!!

My daughter went camping for a few days, and took my digital camera. Without asking. So I figured I'd have to take pics with my cell phone, and that doesn't please me AT ALL. Ha. Then my sister from next door calls and tells me there's two deer in the front yard, so I think, yeah I DO have to use my cell phone. By the time I get over there, they're slowly walking away, looking at the horses. I think they were even talking to each other! It was cute whatever they were doing :D But the sun is so bright I can't tell if I'm getting them with the phone camera. Poop. And "dirty word". Then I come back to put the pics on my computer.........and my cable is gone. Call daughter...again....she took it TOO! Without asking. "s" word. She tells me I can get along 3 or 4 days without a camera. Ahhhhh....But NO, I CAN NOT get along without my camera for 3 or 4 days. I had/have a few projects I'm starting. But no photos. CAMERA. Has anyone seen the sandwich baggie wreaths? I started that today. I was thinking Valentine's Day Wreath. But then a little while ago I decided I'd better look up what comes first......Mardi Gras? Or Valentine's Day? I'll go check!........hmmm, February 24th this year, so AFTER Valentine's day. Not by much! So maybe I don't even need to decorate for Mardi Gras?? oh, decisions, decisions
55 days til Mardi everyone ready for Carnival Season? lolol Just throw me somethin', Mister!
Anyway.....once I get my camera back I'll take pics of the wreath made with sandwich baggies and a coat hanger. By then I'll probably have other projects going on ,too.

What good is a blog with no photos I ask??


cindee said...

Don't you just love kids? (-: I hope you make it for the 3-4 days without the camera. That will be hard. It is funny how attached we get to those things(-:
I hope you have a Happy New Years Eve!!!!

Kudzu said...

Thanks Cindee! I realize I use my camera every day! But ALL my cables,too? on a camping trip? lol My camera holds about 1,000 photos. It makes me wonder just why she needed to take the one to upload pics from the phone!
You know, I can't tell if I got the photo of the deer. HossFly says he can see horses, but not sure if he sees the deer.
I'm ready for New Year's :D I have 2 lbs. of black-eyed peas, 2 heads of cabbage, and the rest of the fixin's for Good Luck in the New Year!