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Monday, December 8, 2008

Snowman Jars , Pearl Harbor Day and 2nd Sunday In Advent

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day. I wonder how many survivors are left?

Yesterday was also the second Sunday in Advent.

Here is my make-do Advent Wreath, I can't find mine....yet.....wait til after Advent and I will :D I got the magnolias on, but not the rest of the decorations on it. Yesterday we started putting up some things on the porch, got a few more done today, and maybe by Memorial Day, we'll have the rest put up!

So what crafty-licious-ness is going on around my shack? Snowman jars :D I was inspired by the ones PerpetualPlum made over on her blog. I happened to have everything I needed, but did want some of that tinsel-y wire garland. You know the ones, with snowflakes, or stars, or hearts or....I had HossFly take me to the local dollar store...OMG..they were OUT! But I just saw boxes of it the other day, when I didn't want any! Yes, Ma' am, we sold it all! I thought I could find some other ornamentation with some tinsel-y snowflakes on it, but nah. Not even those annoying icicles I swore we'd never allow back in our home, I thought I could just fill the jars with that. (you know the ones you vacuum up til Easter,then you're vacuuming up Easter grass til Christmas??) Well, a crafty girl is gonna make do and use what she already I cut up some pieces of tulle and brushed it lightly with glue, and sprinkled glitter on them. Here are a few. My grandson made the smallest one, he added a necklace to his, a gift for his teacher. He used a long oval pearl for the nose. That one and the aqua one I made are antique medicine bottles that were dug up at my grandparents old house in town. The tallest one I made is a Starbucks frap. bottle. I made it a Snow Angel jar by adding white feathers. Guess what I used for eyes,nose, and mouth this time......LOL....those gold or silver studs you decorate leather or jeans with! I got a few of them stuck under my fingernails, but sometimes crafty goodness hurts. I had tons of them. So I stuck them in foil,painted them white, and sprinkled glitter on them. The pink cheeks were pieces of gold plastic trim I cut into small pieces and painted white and sprinkled with pink glitter.

I haven't finished the one all the way on the right. I got tired.

The cord I found to make handles on the hat boxes, and I found the hardware,too. Tomorrow I'll finish that. Oh, and I'll take pictures of a small tree I let my grandson decorate.


cindee said...

The snow people are so cute!!! I love them. I may have to see if I can do some(-: I saw the garland with snowflakes at WM today while I was there looking for plain old cheapo tinsel garland to make a wreath. I guess I should go to the dollar store too(-: Hard to find the cheap stuff now days. They have all the fancy stuff but no plain old cheapo kind. I need to run to the salvation army too and check for old glass Christmas balls. So much to do and not enough time(-:

Amber said...

Cute! I love the bow in on the female's head! Both of you did a great job!

Kudzu said...

Thanks Ya'll!..
Cindee.....check where they keep birthday wrapping paper,too,they call it "gift filler" sometimes! Have you seen the small,narrow woven garlands? I don't know what they're called, but I would've bought that,too, and they didn't have any of it either :D Sort of looks crocheted.
Thanks Amber! I cut off a small piece of that tulle before I put it all in the bottle :D I liked it because it had heart shaped flocking on it:D

Sunday Girl said...

You know something, I cannot find my advent wreath anywhere. And as I was unable to locate appropriate candles I gave up on it. I'm sad over that. I will have to make or find one while it is still the Christmas season or else I will forget next year until it is too late. Finding candles has always been a problem.

luthien said...

your wreath is beautiful! and the snow people are adorable :) how do you come up with so many unique ideas! too cool, too cool!