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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What A Nightmare

I couldn't stay awake today, getting used to new medications is hard. So I woke up at 4am, stayed awake til 9am, but fell asleep in a dining chair. I went back to bed after putting the TV on an old all movie channel and fell right to sleep. Then I hear this baby crying and crying and crying, and I'm thinking I need to get up and take care of the baby ( what baby??LOL there's NO BABY around here) So I pop my eyes open and sit straight up thinking OMG I forgot all about the BABY....(umm,but really there is NO BABY here) and on the TV is Lana Turner holding a crying baby. Whew..bad dream. I turned it to LMN...looks like some good movies to listen to ( I have to have a TV on to sleep) and I fall right back to sleep. Again, I start dreaming about a baby crying and crying, so pitiful. And I think "who's not taking care of THE BABY? I gotta get up and check on THE BABY"..this time it was harder to make myself wake up but I manage it and step on Uncle Pedro getting out of bed (he's a dog lol). and I walk down the hall to the living room,waking up and realizing THERE IS NO BABY, it's a baby crying on ANOTHER movie, and my daughter says "MOM...what were you DREAMING about, you've been talking in your sleep for an hour about "oh,my poor baby"....well, huh. Crazy,crazy. Oh,well, at least I'm not sleep-walking anymore..or sleep-cooking, sleep-eating, sleep-smoking....

So...crafty stuff...I bought this little tree at a yard sale. I let my grandson decorate it, he enjoyed that, and I let him put his own little box of mini candy canes on it. It's my sewing themed tree, and I wanted to make this little folded German Star out of my tape measure. This is more like a half of that star, the tape measure wasn't long enough!

I made just a few ornaments out of buttons, I have more to make...and I see my daughter has changed the setting on my camera again. *dirty word* it's all yellow again. See the tape measure star on top of the tree? He was so excited to put his candy on it. He just asked me if I thought he was on the naughty list, and I asked him if HE thought he was, and he said yes. I told him he better fix it quick!

Don't ever tell little kids there's no such thing as Santa. "Someone" told my son when he was 4 years old. He was only 4, and loved the idea of Santa, and she broke his little heart, which broke mine. We would've had plenty of years of magic left.

HossFly bought some floral tape for me and I started the 3 yellow roses for the top of the hatbox. I still haven't got around to putting the cord handles on yet, but I will. I have them drying on my box fan right now, lol, the rose scent I sprayed on them is beautiful!

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