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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photos of the "I- <3-U" Prize!

The very bad weather slowed down the arrival of Daisydal's package, but it finally made it to her! I hope all of you affected by the dangerous weather conditions are safe and warm and have enough supplies to carry you through! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

And now take a look at what was in the Birthday/Anniversary prize package!

Some little crafting bits&pieces to add to a stash set in a red heart-shaped tin.

A decorative bird house made by me! I used a small wooden bird house from Walmart, and base painted it white, then glued on pieces of vintage chipped dessert plates, some pearls and a large bead for the perch and some bead fringe along the bottom. It's glued to a glass candle stick.

And here are a dozen of the Hershey Kisses roses, those are SO cute! And some free paper dolls I found on the internet( I shared the site a few posts back, these are just so fun to play with) for Daisy to make and a few bags of bits&pieces to help decide how todecorate them. And some more things to create with, and a little tea pot with a hinged lid for Daisy to keep a treasure in..Daisy, I have no idea what you're supposed to do with the tiny little flower that came with that! lol....and let's see...oh, a tiny little vase I made from an old silver-plated hollow handled knife you can hang on a mirror or window. You can fill it with water to place a real flower in it :D

Just a few decorative papers to play with :D You can practice on the cardstock pages in the pink notebook, Daisy!

And here's the little Memory Box I made and posted last week.

Have fun with your prizes,Daisy!


Sunday Girl said...

Excellent giveaway Kudzu. Wish I had won. I love the bird house especially, very creative.

cindee said...

WOW that was awesome. I love everything. The birdhouse is my favorite though(-:

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cherry, I am still so amazed by your wonderful gifts. We went to a birthday party this evening and when we came home, I had to go and drool over my beautiful treasures again!!! You have simply made me so happy I could cry! But you are, by far, the best treasure, a sweetheart and someone I am so proud to call "my friend". Your talent is incredible! Keep up the creative flow, I love your blog, its always full of neat ideas.
blessings and thank you so much-sherri

Kudzu said...

Thanks for the sweet comments ya'll :D I do love to mosaic the bird houses, or anything else for that matter! lol.
Sherri, I'm so glad you won,you are so welcome, and hope you enjoy the little things I sent. Ya'll keep your eyes open for the next give away! I have so many completed projects stored in boxes all over the house, and I enjoy giving them to someone who loves the same things I do:D