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Thursday, January 1, 2009


I never made any before. But this year there's actually a few things I need to consciously try to improve in my life.

1. deal with my anxieties
2. buy less clutter at yard sales
3. finish what I start
4. if I can't finish what I start, at least get rid of the evidence
5. straighten my panty drawer-seriously! why am I keeping all those Granny panties with little holes and snapped elastic?
6. buy pretty panties-I'm worth it
7. drink more water
8. wear some jewelry every day-I make jewelry,for goodness sake!
9. wear lipstick every day
10. wear perfume every day
11. wear nicer clothes every day
12. work harder to make 8,9,10, and 11 a reality-I'm worth it
13. get rid of those 2 pair of ratty flannel pajama pants I wear every day so I can keep #'s 8,9,10 and 11
14. appreciate the time I had, instead of fretting over the time I lost
15. smile more
16. laugh more
17. take time to have my hair styled instead of hacking off my bangs with the kitchen scissors at the last minute-I'm worth it
18. remove myself from the bottom of the list to the top of the list-I'm worth it
19. spend less time on the computer and more time on Real Life
20. relax and tell myself there's always, always, always something to be grateful for
Of course, these resolutions will most likely all be broken, more than once, before the end of January. So my last resolution is
21. don't feel bad if I break any of these self-imposed rules!
We had our Black-Eyed Peas, our Fried Cabbage, Cornbread and Coleslaw, and at the last minute...Pork Chops. So here's a toast to Auld Lang Syne...all the Happy Memories of 2008, may 2009 be the best year ever.


misselaineous said...

Hey Kudzu...Happy New Year! Your resolutions all sound great...and YES! you are worth it! I only have one at the moment, and that's trying to quit the evil weed tobacco for the umpteenth time and really praying I can do it this time. I'm getting too old to keep tryin' & failin'. I know we have all had our trials this year...on to 2009...better for everyone I hope! *elaine*

Cindy said...

Happy New Year! Very good resolutions! Probly 2-20 will help with #1, then 2-20 will be a breeze!! Why is it we are always at the bottom of the list, until it finally just snaps and we wonder how we ever got way down on the list and stayed there? I have been working on that for a couple months now and life is just so much happier!! Good luck, Kudzu!! But please, keep blogging -- love the reads!

cindee said...

I need most of those resolutions too. I did manage to clean out a few drawers and cupboards yesterday so that is a start right? I have a lot more to do. One of mine should be to not worry so much. I will work on that. But can't promise I will keep that one The computer well that is a real problem...(-: I need to stay off and do something else but I am addicted. I will try though(-:
Happy New Year!!!!

Kudzu said...

Thanks Ya'll! I did good just writing down resolutions :D Let's see if I keep any!
Good luck Elaine with trying to give up the cigarettes, I smoke, it's hard to quit. I'd quit for about 5 months or so when my husband had a heart attack. But I'm back on them. The computer is hard for me,too, because I've been on it since I wrote that..LOL

And thanks Cindy:D That makes me smile!