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Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Victorian Ornament

I can't believe the crappy photos I've been taking. Someone keeps changing my settings. I took another photo during the daytime, and this is as good as I can get it for right now.

I got the inspiration from something I saw on Etsy, and for an idea to use sheet music. I don't actually have any sheet music yet, but I did have plenty of book pages available to me. I tore out some book pages, and cut the page in half and fan folded them. This one used 3 halves of paperback book pages. I used a glue stick to stick the edges together, then used hot glue to glue the center together. I found a small pic of a girl in some old papers I had, and used her, adding a small lavender crown for her hair. I added glitter accents to her, and rhinestones on the crown, and a small ribbon rose,too. I gathered some crepe paper for the back of her. I should've stopped there, but I added a paper doily, not thinking ahead! It covers the type on the book pages. You'll do much better, lol.

a small piece of fishing line for the hanger. Decorate yourself a small Valentine Tree with some of these, or hang them from a doorknob or dresser drawer pulls. Or go a step further and make a lavender sachet to glue a pretty picture to and hang it in your closet.

I got out of the house and went to Michael's and bought some red hearts tinsel wire garland for the sandwich baggie wreath. I'm almost finished with it. And I bought some Mardi Gras wire garland. I may make it a Mardi Gras wreath after all. Did I mention my front door is red? Yeah, well, that thought didn't cross my mind til I got home and waited for Hoss to unlock the front door. *poop* So much for that. Maybe it could work somewhere else,though, or I could use a white ribbon on the wreath.

I bought some sheets of decorative paper with some sheet music on it. Not exactly what I had in mind, but pretty. I'll finish that ornament tomorrow.


Bev said...

I love the ornament! The book page looks just fine. If you email me personally your addy, I can send you some sheet music.

Thanks for sharing!

luthien said...

hello kudzu :)
thanks for the wishes and yes! spread the love! we all need it :))))) the ornament is beautiful :))) the paper doily is a great idea. i use to use doilies as stencils and the effect looks really nice :)))
Happy new year!

Kudzu said...

Thank you Bev, and Luthien! And thank you so much for the offer,Bev! I use round paper doilies for fake spray snow on my windows, they're very pretty stencils that way,too!