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Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Mardi Gras After All!

Remember the plastic baggie wreath I started? Well, I ran out and bought Valentine garland to decorate it, and also picked up Mardi Gras garland for some crafts. Then I had the bright idea of making a reversable wreath!! And it would've worked except I didn't think ahead when adding the Mardi Gras garland to the back side.
What I did was snip off the hearts and glue them on with a glue stick here and there through the plastic baggies knotted on. I flipped the wreath over, and I was gonna snip off the tragedy/comedy masks and glue them on. But I thought it looked cuter still attached to the wire, so I stapled it down here and there. So, I was going to hang it on the Valentine side til the day after Valentine's day, then flip it over for the next 10 days til Fat Tuesday, but...all the purple,gold,green was hanging over,lol!Oh, well, you can make a reversable wreath, but keep that in mind!

I'm going to have to go back and fix this. I'll just pull the Mardi Gras wire off and snip off the pieces and glue them on. The other thing was......I forgot about my red door! So if I have a red bow on there, it will disappear into the door. Maybe I can find some red and silver....I don't know, lol! Something will come up.
Check out my old doorknocker I bought at a flea market. What the hell was I thinking...putting it at kid level?? Ha! Did I also mention I put the doorbell at kid height,too???


cindee said...

That looks great!!!!! I love the red door too and the knocker is also cool(-:

misselaineous said...

Hey Kudzu! I think your Mardi Gras wreath looks great on your red door! Red doors are very welcoming...i say go with it! Have you thought about raising the door knocker?? It looks like a really cool piece, but definitely a bit low...the door bell too, huh?? LOL!!! *elaine*

folding electric bike said...

So beautiful!!! I like it so much!!!

Susan S. said...

Like your style and your cleaver crafts! Do you keep your Christmas tree up through Mardi Gras and re-decorate with that theme? I have some friends in NOLA that do that and it sounded cool! Happy New Year from Houston,TX.

Kudzu said...

Thanks Ya'll!

The door knocker was much wider than the door designs, so we put it where it would fit. It's so funny, besides the kids playing with it, the UPS guy or the FEDEX guy is the only one who uses them....and I mean, they knock, use the doorknocker, and ring the doorbell! LOL

My husband talked about leaving the tree up, but that one is too big. Maybe I'll keep a small one in here for decorating different holidays. The Mardi Gras parties have begun and there'll be parades before you know it!


Amber said...

Love the wreath!! The idea of reversable is great!

Kudzu said...

Today I picked up some white ribbon trimmed in red, with red hearts all over it. I hope to re-do my plastic baggie wreath, and this ribbon should show up on my red door.