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Monday, January 12, 2009

Turn Those Candy Canes Into Valentines

I just saw this the other day and HAD to make some! They were on Make and Takes site, and I knew this was going to be a quick and easy project. Most of us have plenty of candy canes leftover, or access to some still at the stores in the clearance section. I was lucky enough to spot these at Dollar General after I saw this craft, and bought 2 boxes of 32 candy canes each. These are really small ones, about 2" each, and each box made 16 candy hearts. I'd seen some at Walmart I wish I'd bought, but who knew? LOL Those were bubble gum flavored or something.

So...I lined a cookie sheet with foil, I turned the foil shiny side down. No reason except for taking photos, LOL! Preheat the oven to 250, and take each candy cane out of its plastic wrapper and lay them touching in a heart shape.

Check after about 5 minutes and see if they're soft enough to pinch the ends together. That part you might want to really go slow with, mine had a brittle outside, even though they got really soft in the centers. After I pinched the ends, I set them back in the oven for 2 minutes. They get really hot, so be careful! Your oven may be different from mine, so check often. They cool very fast, and after they cool you can peel them off the foil easily. I hung them on my Valentine tree :D

I chose to just hang them straight onto the tree, you might want to use something like ribbon or fishing line to hang yours. Wrap in plastic and add a ribbon to hang, maybe?
Now ya'll go use up those candy canes, and give them all away!


cindee said...

What a great idea. Now if I didn't eat all those candy canes I would have some to make(-: Yours look wonderful hanging on your valentine tree(-: I haven't got the Valentine stuff out yet. I am waiting till this weekend. (-:

Jackie said...

I always marvel at your posts on Garden Junk. Now you're wowing me with your blog. I'm going to borrow your idea for a valentine tree for our preschool. I think the kids will enjoy it.

Jackie aka Grannytoo

Kudzu said...

Thanks so much,ya'll! You've made my day!
There's so many great crafts for kids to make for St. Valentine's Day. I can't wait to get some made with the grandkids:D

Amber said...

These are just too cute!! I am going to have to look for some still left at the stores. Jaiden will love these! TFS!!

Shana said...

Now, I don't have any left-over candy canes, but what a cute and clever idea.