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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mermaid Box-Finished

Here she is. Finished. Maybe! She needs some pearls I think. Next one I make I'll try to think ahead and get it better,lol! And no more thin cardboard boxes, the glue made it swell somewhat. I'll stick to the boxes the internet discs come in, or just use the metal breath mint tins.


cindee said...

That is so cute!!!! You have been so busy crafting! What great ideas! I have been working in the yard. Its been really warm out and I have been taking advantage of the sunshine. I have so much to do and I am glad I had two days to work on it. It is suppose to be nice all week so I plan to finish up raking leaves and cleaning out beds and then prune the roses. Have a great week!!!

Kudzu said...

Thanks Cindee :D I had a lot of fun making this. I've changed it some since I took the photo,though! LOL...isn't that the way it goes?
We've had warm weather for over a week til yesterday, very odd weather here. It goes from mid 70's during the day to 20's at night. Then the nights jump back up to the 60's. I never know how to dress for the day..the kindergarten teacher taught the kids how to tie their jackets around their waists since it warms up so much!

misselaineous said...

Cute...cute..cute! Great craft to do with those MT boxes we can't seem to throw out! I have some old ones that were my Dad's...English Oval Cigs, I think. My Mom used them for little buttons & such, but you got me thinkin'...they'd make a cute little collage box...maybe something pertaining to my Mom & Dad? HMmmm. *elaine*

Kudzu said...

Thanks Elaine!
I want to do some more of these with metal tins. I've seen some of the cutest ones lately. You can make a little shrine by adding a tea candle. That would be a nice thing to have for a break at work.Yesterday I got the idea to make a self portrait....ha, let's see what I come up with!