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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something Different-Inside The Box

I have a few of these empty cigarette boxes. You can use an old internet disc box, or Altoids tin, whatever you choose. I wanted to make something involving the beach, so I looked up a few things other people have made, and I saw Mermaids! Yesss, aren't they so pretty? So I got HossFly to drive up to the local dollar store to see what I could find....aha,tissue paper,some die-cuts for scrap-booking,double sticky tape,school glue!

Then a search on the internet for a Mermaid to cut out, and a beach scene. A quick look through my decorative papers for something I liked for the outside of the box...this one is covered in old postcards and I think it'll look great :D I traced around the box and cut it about 1/4" larger all around and clipped the corners. I used the cheap school glue like I would Mod-Podge, and painted it on the box, then placed the decorative paper on it and smoothed it out. I had to trim it up with a razor knife.

Next I cut out the beach scene and glued it down, and tore up some light blue tissue paper and glued it down. Then a coat of glue painted all over it. Tomorrow I'll put another coat or two of glue on it and add the Mermaid and little cute things :D

The tissue paper was $1 a pack, I really only needed the one package. The scrapbooking die-cuts were $2, and I don't think I need them all. And they already have some glitter on them! The first Mermaids I printed out were way too big, so I had to do it again. I have a lot of beads and seashells, and I'll look around for some other things that might work in it. Hopefully I'll have it all done tomorrow!

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