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Friday, February 27, 2009

Fairy Bottles

My daughter took me shopping at Michael's the other day. They have SO much cool stuffff on clearance, I picked up a couple packages of die-cut angel tags for only $1 a package. I also bought some white maribou ( now, that is some sweet,fluffy daintiness!) and used pink pearly curly ribbon, and made some Easter ornaments out of of those later. I picked up some crafting papers while they're on sale at .12 each through Saturday...great deal! I picked up some vintage-type fairy die-cuts,too, say "awwww"! And some of the tiniest little birds, pink and maroon, that I want to make something out of. Then I saw the cutest fairy bottles with the easter things, and I thought wow, I can make that! So I had to hurry home to make some out of the colored bottles my sister found at a yard sale. Not really, I had to hurry home to pick up my 3 grandchildren from school because it was 2:00 already and I had to pick them up at 2:30....time flies when you're drooling down the aisles at Michael's!
So today my grandaughter and I made the fairy bottles. She chose the round-ish pink bottle, and I chose a square-ish blue one. I cut out a couple of the fairy die-cuts for us and we glued them on, and added some glitter. Okay, a LOT of glitter, but when it comes to glitter, you just have to. We wound some gold wire and beads to the neck, and we added some butterfly sequins at the last minute. Those we kind of folded in the middle to look like they were flying and I thought that was just too cute :D She added a white flower that matched the flower on the her fairy. On her pink one she added some white sparkly garland inside the bottle, and I added pink sparkly Easter grass. The very last thing was a heart charm for each one.

here they are before we added the butterflies.

I only got a shot of my bottle, since my little princess had already gone home with hers, but she used turquoise butterfly sequins, and a white flower.


Dottie said...

What cute bottles.

I have given you the Your Blog is Fabulous award. Check out the post on my blog.

Kudzu said...

oh my Goodness! Thank You Dottie, I appreciate this so much, you just made my day!