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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give Away At Junk Revolution!

This photo belongs to Ki at Junk Revolution .
Enter to win!
Check out this gorgeous, handy, must-have accessory for any Trash-ionista! Won't you look cute carrying your treasures at the Flea Market? Or taking it with you while you *plunder some abandoned barn somewhere to carry home the loot? well, go to the Junk Revolution to sign up for the give away that's going to be held March 2 :D

*and by plunder I mean we always ask permission :D


cindee said...

I signed up and of course I will win!(-: Its a cute one for sure.

suzeeez said...

I need a great bag for all of my treaure hunting ! :o) Sue

Kudzu said...

LOL, we all want that bag!