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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Captured Fairies and Apologies

I made a couple altered art Captured Fairies In A Jar. I saw one on Flick`r and next thing I knew it was a couple hours later and I had to have one! Glass jar, sheet moss,shredded paper, cardstock images, tracing paper images,glue and glitter,feathers, ribbons and buttons...and much more.
One has moss and a pretty fairy in blue. The top is covered with a square of waxed paper I crumpled up and tied with string. It's got some buttons tied to it, and a tag with a poem I found on the web that seems perfect for it. This was medium sized pickle jar.

The next one is a green and pink fairy, and I set her in a nacho cheese jar. The top is covered with pale pink net over pink tissue paper and tied with pink ribbon. It has a pink bell and sequins tied to it. I glued the words to a poem to a strip of cardstock and glued it to the bottom of the jar, with some velvet ribbon.

And I'm sorry I haven't done anything in a couple days, just depressed and in the same jammies I put on Sunday night. I couldn't figure out how to get the blog award image from Dottie's blog, and I didn't make my list of 5 things yet. But...I will get it done*blush* I'm just a little depressed since Saturday. My mailbox is full and I can't get any more mail, and I need to get to it,but I'll save it for later. I feel so tired for right now.


Tinta's Treasures said...

Love the fairies. You did a great job. Down in the dumps, huh. My solution is "Tomorrow is another day" but the one my grandma always used to tell me was, "AND THIS TOO WILL PASS". Boy, how true can that be. She was a very wise woman. (lol)

cindee said...

I am sorry you are having a hard time. Just take it one min. at a time and get through each day. It will be better tomorrow. The bright side is its almost Spring and things will be alive and growing again. That will cheer you up(-:

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

The fairies look fantastic! Really hope you feel happier soon, its so horrible feeling depressed, Sarah xx

Kudzu said...

Thanks Ya'll :D I'm feeling better now. I'm crafting some Captured Fairies and it's very interesting the things you think of to put in the jar with them!