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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Won A Blog Award-part II !!!

whew, I don't know why I had such a hard time trying to collect the image. I finally got it this morning not doing anything different, lol!
This is the award given to me by Dottie of Gardens And Crafts blog. For the regular visitors to Garden Web , we know her as Adina from there :D

Now I'm to list 5 things I'm addicted to ( just 5!! lol) and pass the award along to 5 people! Let's see...what are my current 5 favorite addictions??

1. Yard sales and thrift stores have ALWAYS been my main addiction! Whatever my current crafting mood is, I can always find supplies there to help my art habits :D
2. Jewelry making. I love bracelets, earrings and necklaces and I love to wear something one of a kind.
3. Trash to Treasure. Creating something useful from discards :D When we built our front porch, we made a lot of things for it ourselves...A bench made from a headboard and footboard, a hanging candle-ier from an old chandelier, plant hangers from old porch spindles, a little greenhouse made from a couple windows... to name a few.
4. Trying to remodel our living room since the storm as inexpensively as possible has been one of my addictions,lol! I've done a very good job of it so far, we just need some trim around the doors :D
5. Making little pieces of art for the garden. Bowling balls become gazing balls, wheelbarrows become planters and old light shades become birdfeeders :D

Now, to pass it along to 5 others :D

1. Cindy at The Ramblings at Chippewa Creek- What a great outlook and Happy Birthday!
2. Cindy at Tinta's Treasures- Congratulations on the twins! And I love your "what is it"'s,lol!
3. Elaine over there at Love2Junk . Having all that fun on her blog! Congratulations on your win and I'm so jealous!
4. Donna at DonnaLee's Blog. What gorgeous creations from costume jewelry!
5. Cindee at CiNdEe'S GaRdEn . For all your cool art stuff, I love what you find and collect!

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Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Congrats with the award! Sarah x