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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flash Flood Watch/Warning

I'm SO glad the rain and tornadoes have stopped, I didn't think it ever would! The front yard is flooded, the gully in the backyard is flooded, and some of the roads are closed. So twin and I took a walk to the nearest bridge over the Biloxi River, and took my 5 year old grandson because we had to. I DON'T recommend this,lol.....try to keep a tight reign on a hopped up 5 year old when there's so many things to see, but the river is up to the highway! Twin and I were both nervous wrecks by the time we finished that short little walk! hehe, the devil is gonna get me but I gotta tell ya this story about another flood we daughter was about 16, and my niece about 18 so it's been a while, back when someone else lived in this house around the corner from us. A real crazy bitch, in fact that's what we called her, "Crazy Bitch","CB" for short. She hated animals,which is a poor sign of a human being to me,lol! So anyway, we had one of those hundred year floods you hear old folks talk about, and it was higher than these photos. We went for a walk to see how high it all was, and the river had risen high enough to get inside the CB's house, and some of her cattle were sort of stranded up in the corner. There she was trying to get them to move to higher ground, so my daughter and niece asked of she needed any help, since no one else out of the crowd gathered had made the offer. Well, she made it clear she didn't need anyone's help and told the crowd to get those b**ches off her property (we were standing on the road) Right at this time the TV crews showed up to film the flooding in this area, and had the cameras rolling. Now, I'm a firm believer in what goes around, comes around. So, here are these camera guys,rolling footage of this CB trying to push her cows to high ground, cussing out everyone and refusing offers of help, when all of a sudden......this cow lifts up his tail....and if you've ever lived in the country, you KNEW what was gonna happen...and oh,yes, it did, it did, it really did! That cow must've been sick,too, because it sprayed her with the most foul diarrhea!!!! And the tv dudes got it on film! Oh, it got her good from head to toe. The crowd made this little gasp, and then everyone cracked up and I could barely walk home I was laughing so much....and now the devil will get me for being wicked and laughing about it. I guess I didn't really need a copy of the footage, they refused to give us a copy anyway, but I can still see it in my mind :D

some colorful weeds on the side of the road; coreopsis and spider wort and I forgot the name of the light lavender one(weeds here, not weeds everywhere :D)

around the corner on our walk we found at least 4 of these FEMA trailers under water, all you can see if the roofs of them, a couple have tipped over catty corner-this is how high the river is, we're standing on the highway, and the river is less than a foot from the asphalt

a side road near the house, that's trhe river,lots of people had parked their cars out here to avoid flooding them, we don't know what these people are trying to do, you certainly couldn't drive back there, this requires a boat to get to your house

wisteria in my side yard, don't plant it unless you're willing to tend it, it will get away from you, there's an acre or two of this running to the tree tops and down to the ground-just thought I'd take a pic! I don't care for the strong spicy scent. The white wisteria froze and died a few years back, after growing here for many,many years

and here's the bridge, the water is so high it's right under it. It was higher earlier when my husband called to tell me about it


cindee said...

Love the CB story(-: She deserved that(-: Cows crap smells bad on a normal day if it was stressed it is probably why it was (-: I wish some of your rain would head this way. We really could use some(-:

FlowerLady said...

Good morning Kudzu ~ Glad the river didn't rise any further and that the tornadoes didn't touch you either. That was a great CB story, and to think the film crew got it all. I bet they laugh over that one in their archives.

Love that wisteria. I don't think I've ever seen or smelled it, but I would love to do both.

What a nice bunch of 'weeds'. :-)

Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

Kudzu said...

lol,thanks ya'll,every time I see a cow, I think of that mean old woman :D Just let your dog get loose and run over there once, and she'd shoot it....
the river hasn't gotten as high as it's going to, it's going to crest at 17'at midnight, it was 14.86' earlier. The bridge scares me, I can't get any closer than I did to take a photo, it scares me so bad it makes me shake.

Susan S. said...

Hope the river hasn't risen anymore and you're safe! We had bad storms here Friday but it lead to a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

LOVE the story about CB and the're right, KARMA will get ya everytime!

Jean Tuthill said...

I love the story about CB and the cow! Serves her right for being so mean and rotten. I hope the flooding has receded and that things will get back to normal real soon. I love the weeds, so pretty.

cindee said...

Thinking of you and your DH hoping all is o.k. with the surgery. I hope to hear from you soon! Take care!!!!

kevin said...

Great post , and have a lovely day