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Thursday, April 9, 2009

HossFly Is Back Home

Triple bypass was successful, few minor complications, but then recovery and back home. That seemed like forever! So, tonight is his first night back home,and he's gonna sleep in the recliner tonight so he doesn't have to trip over dogs in the bedroom. I kinda have the feeling,though, that the doggies will just sleep in here with him! He can't lift anything over 5 pounds, and no leaning over, no driving for 6 weeks...there's a long list.

The kids start Spring Break tomorrow, so no school for 10 days....perfect timing,huh? LOL..oh,it's gonna be a long 10 days!

I'm going to boil eggs for them to dye, and make cupcakes for them to decorate. I bought coconut for them to dye green, I think they'll get a kick out of shaking it up in a container themselves; and jelly beans and speckled eggs for their "nests". And last but not least, Rice Krispy treats we'll sprinkle some pastel jimmies on.

Who here hasn't had the pleasure of running over a long lost Easter egg with the lawn mower around July?? Make sure you count the eggs before and after!!!

I hope I get some photographs for ya'll this week-end, and that I'll get back to crafting soon :D


Jean Tuthill said...

I hope HossFly mends real fast. And that you have a wonderful Easter, sounds like fun!

Painting Fool said...

I hate that your hubby had to have a by pass. Mine had a quadruple last April but is doing great now. I had to buy a recliner for him to sleep in and it was a big help. Make sure he keeps his little pillow nearby, it really helps if he has to cough. You will have your hands full for a while but he will feel better than new once he is back up on his feet.
God Bless,
Painting Fool

Kudzu said...

Painting...funny you should mention the pillow! LOL...that red heart shaped pillow has been his best friend since surgery last week. I told him that's like when a woman has to have a C-section, and they tell them to hold a pillow for coughing. Wonder if they ever made a special pillow for women giving birth???? LOL

cindee said...

I am so glad to hear your husband is on the mend!! That is a hard surgery! The pillow is a great thing. I had one when I had my hysterectomy. It really worked. Its a security pillow for sure(-:
We use to have several egg hunts with the eggs when the kids were little. They would want to hunt all day instead of just one time. So yup we had left over hiding eggs and we found them later. LOL Or the dog would find them...(-: Happy Easter!!!!!

Cindy said...

So glad hubby is doing good! Too much stress when they're not at home, I know! Small baby steps...

Sounds like fun at your house as well! The kids are coming over, the grandbabies are hunting eggs, they're smaller, so the eggs won't be hidden too deep this year!

Paula and Skip said...

Hi I just found your blog and didnt want to leave without wishing your hubbie all the best and a smooth recovery. Paula xx

misselaineous said...

Happy Easter Cherry! So glad to hear Hoosfly came through his surgery with flying colors, and that he's home and getting better! We've missed your posts...glad to have you back. Tell hubbie we're praying for his speedy recovery! *elaine*

FlowerLady said...

So glad to hear that HossFly is back home. Just take each day as it comes. May his recovery be swift and complete. Do not work or stress yourself overly much.

Love, hugs and prayers for the both of you ~ FlowerLady

Kudzu said...

Thank ya all! I've been a teensy busy for a while and I want to thank all of you for the kind wishes and prayers. HossFly is improving every day, and I hope it isn't much longer before he can get out and drive.

Anonymous said...

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