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Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Blossoms and Sunday Morning

I took some more photos this morning. There are mud puddles all over the place, but hey, I was going down the drive to get the Sunday paper anyway,lol!~don't you love crocs??
~(flashback-we used to look forward to Sundays. HossFly would get up early and get coffee started, and then go to Krispy Kreme to pick up some glazed donuts. We'd carry them to the bedroom and we'd all get comfy, and spread out the paper, and we'd all read our favorite section and look at the ads and funny papers, then we'd stay in our pajamas all day watching corny horror movies)~
uhh,okay,where was I? Oh,yes, so I took more photos...enjoy!
I should've looked up the previous posts in wiki for you, I think I'll go back and look them up and add it to the post..

sassafras.. how about some nice sweet spring tonic?
I like it really hot, with sugar

spider wort.. this is another one of those nasty plants that a lot of people love. I don't know why, but they also will PAY MONEY for this weed...hey, if you like it that much, you can dig up as much as you want from my yard! lol but, you chop these down and they come back up, so make sure you get and kill all the root. Nothing p*s me off more than discovering purple spider wort guts all over my nice clothes or bare legs when I'm in a hurry to go somewhere! some of you know exactly what I mean :D

silver bell.. these have very nice light brown pods in the fall to use in arrangements

wisteria.. these are beautiful with a spicy scent I'm not particularly fond of..unfortunately, they WILL get away from ya, thoroughly research this if you think you want one! I have about an acre or two of this winding through the fence on one side of the drive and down to the blueberry orchard

here is some azaleas out front, with some white cherokee rose, and some wisteria

these are some azaleas in the front yard, on the right side of the drive. the left isn't as long as this one,and has 2 colors of azaleas, this pink color and a salmon pink color; and I only got some of these in the photo,oh,yeah,there's a lot of them. I couldn't begin to tell you how many power company workers we've chased off because of these. Why do they always want to spray them with poison? they have managed to spray them in years past, but they always come back, like huge pink ghosts. way down on the far right out of range is white double bridal bouquet, and a couple single,too. then to the right of the bridal bouquet are some more azaleas in different colors on down the hill.
Oh, you want a treat? Check out Natchez in spring...what a wonderful roadtrip! way bigger mansions there than down here...uhh,but most of ours blew away in Katrina....poop..oh, and we pronounce it like it's spelled...Natch-iz.....LOLOLLL(~ by the way,"pecan"- it's PUH-kon..not PEE-can,that's a pot you keep under the bed for waking up in the middle of the night...and"pralines"- it's PRAW-leans. or PRAH-leans...not PRAY-leans~) sorry,sorry, but we snicker when we hear it pronounced like that! LOL

carolina jessamine...these are growing through some old huckleberry bushes. Yesterday I mentioned how wild and out of control these get,too.and they're poisonous. But I really really LOVE the scent.

dewberry blossoms....very soon we'll go berry pickin' out back and make cobbler..
I've always picked these every year. I used to make a homemade cobbler, but I realize my limitations! it never came out right! but I've been using a commercial cobbler mix ,Louisiana Cobbler Mix, this is AWESOME and the VERY BEST EVER! trust me :D in spring and summer I keep lots of it on hand, that and some Cool Whip, hehe! they're good in pancakes,too

I think I got them all...enjoy!


FlowerLady said...

Spiderwort a weed?!? I love them. Yes they do pop up, but I've been moving them around to where I want LOTS of that blue color. I guess if I had way too many of them I might feel differently. :-)

Anyway, I love all of your bloomers. Glad your azaleas weren't totally destroyed by the power company.

Wish I could grow wisteria. I've got a baby Queen's Wreath that is sort of like that for way down south here.

Have a great week and enjoy all those wonderful scents all around you.


Kudzu said...

thank ya, Flower Lady! Yeah, funny how in different regions one plant can be a blessing or a curse! Those spider worts are everywhere! And I swear, the more you try to get rid of them the harder they work to come back. I've seen some mowed down time after time, to just grow and bloom a couple inches high! LOL
Twin and I walked around a bit today. I can't go too far, my back hurts awfully and there's no where to sit but the ground, and you know how hard it is to get up off the, remember in Brownies and Girl Scouts making those sit-upons? I should make some with the kids!!) normally there should be dozens of dogwood blooming now. But we didn't even find any with leaves, let alone buds..what's up with that? However, on a road a few miles away they have some gorgeous dogwood blooming, and Hoss says we should just go snap a few pics of those.

Jean Tuthill said...

You have some pretty plants there. Much different than we have here in NE. We have some invasives, too, such as Poison Ivy, Oriental Bittersweet and English Ivy. I guess it's always good to check out the plants before buying. Your Sunday in bed sounds like so much fun! I worked outside today for the first time this year, I'll probably feel it tomorrow!