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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photos of The Blooms

check these out, I didn't get to take many because it started raining and I had to come back inside.
I hope the rain didn't beat them all down and make them ugly and mushy,because I'll try again tomorrow.
These are all just beginning to bloom, that's why they look so "nekkid"..

here is grandson#2 checking out the new buds..yeah, put those shoes back on ,we stepped on chinquapin husks

here's a variegated one

here's one of the red ones..ignore the mess of downed trees, a victim of Katrina and not at the top of our list of priorities,lol

my most favorite, a lavender one, and the sweetest scent ever!

this is a ruffled variety, a very nice pink color, smallish blooms

a lily of the valley

blueberry blossoms, but these are back yard, not in the orchard

a camellia still blooming in this heat! again,ignore the downed trees, the whole Katrina thing :D LOL

this is a Carolina Jessamine, it smells beautiful! but it's very poisonous. this is one of those plants I just can't believe people pay money's wild around here. that's Russian Olive in the background..

a small bunch of azaleas

parts of 3 bushes in one photo..white,pink,red..and somewhere in there is a banana shrub

grandson picking more and more and more...good thing we have a lot of vases

I wish I'd been able to snap some pics of the Cherokee Roses,wisteria, and found some dogwood, there's bound to be a tree standing somewhere around here. Oh, and when the stewartia blooms, I'll snap a pic of those,too,and anything else I see...oh,the tung nut trees are blooming,too. maybe silver bells are blooming? But, maybe tomorrow, if it stops raining


Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

Oh, thank you for the spring photos.... our temps are supposed to reach 50 today, so I am getting so excited..... tho there will probly be some more snow before it's all done!

Azaleas are my absolute favorite :)

cindee said...

I enjoyed the tour! Everything is "Springing" up!!! It looks like your grandson had a good time too(-: It is suppose to rain today here too.

FlowerLady said...

I love your lavender azaleas. No wonder your grandson is picking lots of them.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady