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Sunday, April 19, 2009

SMarshmallow Tweeps

oh, alright, maybe your grand baby can say"marshmallow peeps"....LOL.....but mine can't and it's just so damn cute when he says it..."smarshmallow tweeps"....!

*sigh* Oh, man, this Meme has too much time on her hands sometimes.

So, nobody was eating the marshmallow peeps (well, duh!) and I wound up doing what I always do...use them for dueling tweeps. Ya gotta use colored toothpicks, or 2 colors of smarshmallow tweeps (hahahaha...."tweeps"). or somehow be able to tell them apart. I used the colored toothpicks for mine 'cuz we only had blue tweeps. Now, if you're into betting, place your bets! Whose tweeps will deflate the other ones' first? I used a yellow toothpick, and my grandson used a red one, and I just knew I was gonna win, because, after all, I AM the dueling tweep champion! (well, duh!) But Hunk's red toothpick stabbed my blue tweep and he won :D

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